What to Know About Growing Mint? – Choosing the Best Varieties to Grow

If you are considering growing mint in an existing or brand-new herb garden it is essential to make sure you choose the best variety of mint depending upon just how you intend to use it. This short article will certainly help you in both of these areas, making certain that you know the vital facts concerning just how to expand mint that preferences and scents great and the facts regarding which selections to pick when you begin expanding it – whether you want it for your food preparation, to make drinks or for any of the various other numerous uses (acquainted and unfamiliar) of mint.

Munt kweken

Different selections of mint have actually been used for hundreds of years for applications such as:

– Obscuring bad smells

– Assist recovery from ailments

– Repelling insects

– Preparing flavor-some food and drinks.

Every one of these uses are equally as relevant today as they have actually been throughout background, and make the little of job associated with growing mint at home well rewarding.

Growing mint is not challenging. You can grow it from cuttings and seeds, or if you want a flying start you can get the plants for just a few dollars. Below my standard guide to growing mint and some tips on methods to use it in your home.

It covers the adhering to locations:

– Types of mint

– Growing from cuttings

– Growing from seeds

– Harvesting & preserving

– How to use your mint

Sorts Of Mint Plant

A monk in the 16th Century wrote about his work looking into mint plants. He managed to recognize over 600 different varieties! You would have problem tracking a great deal of these mint selections down today.

Below a list of mint plants that are fairly very easy to acquire (it is very simple to find providers online):

The complying with mints can be quickly purchased as plants or seeds – Corsican mint, spearmint, pineapple mint, delicious chocolate mint, and ginger mint.

And these mints can be acquired as seeds – pet cat mint, penny-royal, lemon mint and wild mint.

I will not try to explain all these different kinds of mint in this write-up. I suggest you do your own research to discover even more about several of these Munt kweken. Towards the end of my post I have described just how you can make use of spearmint, peppermint, apple mint and penny royal around your home.

Growing Mint Herbs from Cuttings

If you are going to grow mint from cuttings, you will certainly naturally have to have some mint plants currently or have a friendly next-door neighbor ready to let you take cuttings from his or her mint plants.

Make cuttings from the root or stem or separate the mint plant right into smaller plants. You can do this in the springtime or the autumn. Many mints expand extremely vigorously and are easy to proliferate from cuttings.