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    How Does Your Dentist Detect Plaque?

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Proper oral hygiene is important if you want to prevent gum disease, bleeding, and other oral problems. However, it is difficult to remove the plaque that you cannot see. Watch this video to find out how your dentist detects plaque.

    The agent used for detecting plaque is called a disclosing solution. When this solution is swished around in your mouth, it adds color to all of the bacteria and food that has built up on your teeth and under your gums. This makes the plaque identifiable and easy to remove. You can even buy this solution at your local drug store and use it on your own.

    Dental Care of Stamford provides the Old Greenwich, Stamford, and Fairfield County areas with a variety of dental services. For more information about what we do, visit our website or give us a call at (203) 324-6171. If you live nearby, stop in and meet with us in person.

    What Are the Most Common Causes of Dental Anxiety?

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Dental anxiety can keep people from getting the oral care that they need. If you are afraid to go to the dentist, figuring out the root of this fear can help you move past it. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common causes of dental anxiety:

    The Thought of Pain

    In most cases, the thought of pain that might occur in the dentist’s chair is enough to elicit feelings of anxiety. This deep-seated fear might be because of a painful experience in the past or from listening to horror stories of other people who have gone to the dentist. If the thought of pain is so overwhelming that it keeps you from getting treatment you need, you should talk to your dentist about solutions like sedation dentistry.

    The Idea of a Lack of Control

    Many people experience dental anxiety because they worry that they will not have control during a treatment. This can bring up feelings of helplessness that make a patient feel too anxious to go through with the treatment. If you feel like a trip to the dentist means that you will completely lose control of a situation, it is important to discuss these feelings with your dentist.

    Discomfort from a Lack of Personal Space

    Dental treatments require a dentist or a hygienist to stand extremely close and thoroughly examine your mouth. This makes a lot of people feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, especially if they have major issues with their teeth. With the help of your dentist, you can learn how to move past this discomfort and get the treatment you need.

    At Dental Care of Stamford, we understand that dental anxiety might make you think twice about getting treatment. We offer sedation dentistry to help all of our patients feel comfortable enough to get the dental services they need. To learn more about our sedation dentistry options, visit us online or call (203) 324-6171. 

    A Look at i-CAT Technology

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Dental Care of Stamford brings you access to one of the first i-CAT Flex low-dose full-screen beam X-ray machines in Connecticut. This technology helps our dentists provide personalized care for all of our patients. Keep reading to learn more about the machine and what it can do:

    i-Cat technology lets the dental team to see a fully 3-dimensional view of the teeth, the gums, and the jaw while using 1/10th of the radiation of other machines. This allows for extreme precision with procedures like wisdom tooth extractions and TMJ treatment. The X-ray works fast and painlessly so you can get the treatment you need.

    Come to Dental Care of Stamford today to utilize the benefits of this machine. Our dental team helps you find the right solution for your oral health issues. To learn more about this and other features of our office, visit us online or call (203) 324-6171.

    Tips for Talking to Your Dentist About Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Cosmetic issues often make people feel extremely self-conscious about their smile. If you are tired of hiding your teeth and gums from the people in your life, use the following tips to talk to the dentist about treatments that can help:

    Discuss the Issues You See

    If you want cosmetic treatment for your teeth, you probably have at least one or two elements of your smile that you know you want changed. When you go in for a consultation appointment, tell your dentist exactly what you do not like about your smile so he or she has a good idea of the kind of results you expect from the procedure.

    Listen to the Dentist’s Point of View

    Based on the issues you see, you might have a general idea about cosmetic treatment options that can improve your smile. A dentist examines your teeth and gums on a larger scale, however, so he or she might see different issues than you do. After you talk about your perception of your smile, listen to what the dentist has to say. This way, you can come together to find an effective treatment option that will leave you with the smile you want.

    Get an Idea of the Results You Can Expect

    Before you decide on any treatment option, it is important to have a realistic idea of the results you can expect from your smile makeover. Ask the dentist about specific treatment options and the aesthetic results that they offer to ensure that you are working toward your ideal smile.

    If you think you need a smile makeover, set up a consultation at Dental Care of Stamford to start discussing your issues and how we can fix them. As one of the top cosmetic dentists in Stamford, we give you the treatment options you need to get the results you want. For more information on our cosmetic and preventative dentistry, call (203) 324-6171.

    Ideas for Convincing Your Kids to Brush and Floss

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Teaching your kids the importance of oral hygiene at a young age helps to ensure that they have healthy teeth and gums. Tell them why it is important to properly clean the mouth to avoid cavities and gingivitis.

    Show your children how to properly brush your teeth. Give them an example of the circular motion they should use when cleaning the mouth. You might also want to get a toothbrush that lights up so they know how long they need to brush. Get more great tips in this video.

    Dental Care of Stamford & Dental Care Kids is here to help you and your children maintain healthy teeth and gums. Our kid’s dentist is here to work with your children to teach them the proper way to clean their teeth. Call (203) 324-6171 to learn more.

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