Good Dental Hygiene for Children
February 14, 2017
Dental Care for Children 6 to 12 Years Old
February 17, 2017

Dental Care for Babies

Babies drool and get too cranky when they are preparing for teething, but watching your baby’s first tooth popping out can be exciting. That innocent smile with just one or two teeth is priceless and gradually they will have all the teeth.

Now, since your baby has started having teeth, you need to make sure of good oral hygiene for your baby. These small teeth will eventually be the placeholders for the adult teeth. So, caring for the baby teeth is very important to maintain a good dental health.

Here is what you can do for a good dental care for your babies:

  • Start cleaning even before any tooth comes in: You need to clean the gums of your babies even if he does not have any teeth. Wipe the gums with the clean piece of cloth or there are certain rubbery devices that set on your finger which helps in cleaning the excess food;
  • Start taking care from the beginning itself: Some parents believe that baby teeth do not need that much care since they will eventually be replaced by the permanent teeth. But, you need to understand that these temporary teeth only make a spacing for permanent teeth. They also help the babies to learn to chew and talk. Even, the baby teeth can get cavities or decay if no proper care is taken of them.
  • Avoid putting your baby to sleep with the bottle of milk in his mouth: Babies tend to get more cavities if they have a habit of having milk especially in a bottle in the bed itself. Also, long bottle feeding hours can lead to cavities. So, make sure to clean the teeth of your babies whenever they have milk to avoid any oral health issues;
  • Encourage them to have water after every meal: Having water after having every meal, wash off food from the baby’s teeth. Also, it helps in maintaining good oral health not only for babies, but even for the adults too;
  • Use a soft brush to clean their teeth: Introduce soft brush to clean your baby’s teeth as soon as they are comfortable letting them inside their mouth. Try doing that every day so that they get comfortable to brushing the teeth as early as possible. So, this will help you in cleaning your baby’s teeth gently.
  • Start using toothpaste at around 2 years: You can use just water to clean your baby’s teeth, but once your child reaches the age of 2, you can start using a small amount of fluoride toothpaste to clean his teeth and try brushing his teeth twice a day.
  • Avoid longer use of pacifiers, bottles, and sippy cups: A prolonged use of these feedings gears can interfere with the placement of the teeth. So, you need to make sure that your baby is weaned off from all these things at an appropriate age to maintain a good oral health.

Babies are precious and their smiles are even more precious. So, try taking a good care of it.

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